Wholesale Investors

The attorneys and staff at Halperin Lyman routinely close transactions for wholesalers. We work with both experienced wholesalers to help efficiently facilitate their closings as well as educating new wholesalers on how to properly conduct wholesale transactions. Our attorneys and staff are well-versed in double closings and contracts that have been assigned.

We understand that client confidentiality is of the utmost importance when conducting these types of transactions. We also routinely draft documents for wholesalers such as customized purchase and sale agreements and assignment agreements.

Additionally, we educate our clients on how to compliantly carry out wholesale transactions to ensure that all of our client’s closings are handled in a manner that adheres with both our title underwriter’s guidelines as well as with state and federal law.

We understand that a successful  wholesaler needs access to solid buyers as well as available inventory. Early on we make note of the criteria our clients have when purchasing properties. We then introduces our clients to new inventory sources through our established relationships and strategic marketing techniques.  

We also regularly introduce our clients to one another in order to build off of mutual synergy. Please contact us if you would like more information on these value added services.


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