Small and Start Up Investors

Over the last several years Halperin Lyman has created a unique niche in the real estate market by working closely with our various  investors clients. Our clients employ a wide array of business models and are at various stages of  business development.

The firm's services for small and startup investors begin with a complimentary initial consultation and assessment of the client’s short term and long term goals.  From there, Halperin Lyman defines an appropriate investment model and assists the client with corporate formation. We may also recommend a restructure of existing companies in order to increase legal liability protection and  provide additional tax incentives.

Through the firm's established relationships with asset managers, realtors and other investors, Halperin Lyman has the ability to facilitate introductions that can  provide its clients with access to real property inventory, as well as potential buyers when the time comes to liquidate any acquired inventory.

The firm provides this all while offering superior quality title and escrow services to ensure the smoothest closing transactions possible.

Halperin Lyman places great emphasis on flexible, personalized customer service, superior client/staff communications, and expedient title turnaround time.  Furthermore, the firm believes in providing value added services to its clients by offering them a variety of networking and educational opportunities in order to increase potential leads.

Our goal is to create a synergistic team approach in order to help our clients develop their businesses.  The attorneys and staff at Halperin Lyman utilize both their knowledge and experience, not only in the legal field but in the corporate, financial and economic sectors, to offer quality consultation services with a progressive approach.

We maintain  flexibility with our fee structure for the work performed for our clients.  The firm’s attorneys recognize there are various investment models that investors choose to adopt, each requiring varied amounts of work in regards to volume, complexity, and expertise.  During the initial consultation with Halperin Lyman, the firm’s attorneys work with the prospective client to create a fee structure that is agreeable with the client based on the legal work that will be performed for their transactions.

If you are a startup or small investor, and you are looking for a real estate attorney who will work with you to help grow your business for the long term, please contact us.


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