For Agents

Closing Flexibility

Halperin Lyman can conduct real estate closings in either of its two fully staffed offices in Midtown Atlanta or Sandy Springs, one of our satellite locations at The Battery, in Gwinnett or Cumming. We also have the ability to conduct mobile closings at our client’s office wherever they may be located throughout the state. We are also very flexible in facilitating and conducting late closings, rush closings, and when special circumstances warrant, weekend closings. Our firm-wide, cloud-based technology enables us to create, print and exchange documents from wherever we perform the closing with any of our office locations.

Personalized Service and Staff Communication

Each file is assigned to a pre-closer/closer team as well as an account/file managing Attorney to provide a streamlined closing process to eliminate intra-staff communication errors, which can often arise in firms that pass files from department to department. Our staff also takes great efforts to promptly reply to all client communications. We have our cell phone numbers on our business cards for a reason and we do our best to be available whenever our clients need us.

Expedient Title Turn Around

Halperin Lyman can generally produce title commitment for a purchase closing within 48 to 72 hours of receiving the title order and within 24 to 48 hours on a refinance closing. Please note that properties with extensive clouds on title may take longer, but are never “placed on the back burner” as we take an aggressive approach to clearing title in order to rectify problems as soon as possible and to avoid unnecessary closing delays. Our long-standing relationships with abstractors allow for a faster turnaround, so we can send the title commitment to our clients expediently.

Synergistic Team Approach

Halperin Lyman strongly believes in the team approach in regards to both closing individual transactions as well as growing our businesses together. We always strive to bring teams of people together that consist of members with similar goals and philosophies, who can use their mutual understanding of each other’s work processes to provide the full spectrum of quality services to the end client. We can then leverage our connections with prospective clients to present a well-oiled, start-to-finish work flow, which greatly improves the chances of acquiring the desired new business