untitled1The need for quality attorneys is always an important concern for law firms and Halperin Lyman is no different in this respect. The firm strives to grow along with its clients and, in order to continue providing the best legal services available, Halperin Lyman must maintain the strongest team in the field.

Halperin Lyman values traits such as promptness, courtesy, teamwork and professionalism. Furthermore, due to the large amount of client contact and the transactional nature of the work, keen attention to detail, mastery of relevant legal fields and superior communication skills are a must.

As a result of Halperin Lyman’s commitment to growth, firm attorneys can take advantage of the prospects of advancing their positions within the firm as their careers progress. In addition to the usual benefits commensurate with firm growth, opportunities for managing satellite offices and partnership shares are possible.

If you are interested in an employment opportunity with Halperin Lyman please submit a cover letter and resume via e-mail to